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Cosmic Eye (Original HD Version)

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Luke Gabrielle SKalbetti

This is the original landscape-format version of the short movie Cosmic Eye, designed by astrophysicist Danail Obreschkow. The movie zooms through all well-known scales of the universe from minuscule elementary particles out to the gigantic cosmic web. In doing so, it shows the ultimate size comparison in our universe. The video drew inspiration from a progression of increasingly accurate graphical representations of the scales of the universe, including the classical essay "Cosmic View" by Kees Boeke (1957), the short movie "Cosmic Zoom" by Eva Szasz (1968), and the legendary movie "Powers of Ten" by Charles and Ray Eames (1977). Cosmic Eye takes these earlier representations to the state-of-the-art by displaying real photographs obtained with modern detectors, telescopes, and microscopes. Other views are renderings of modern computer models. Smart vector-based blending techniques are used to create a seamless zoom.

This 2018-version of Cosmic Eye contains improved graphics and minor technical corrections compared to the 2011-version in portrait format.

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All rights were obtained for third-party images and image-data:
+ Millennium Dark Matter simulation (V. Springel & Virgo Consortium)
+ 3D galaxy and star positions in the local universe (from
+ Synthetic rendering of the Milky Way (adopted from N. Rising)
+ Galaxy M51 (HST, NASA)
+ Oort cloud rendering (adopted from a BBC illustration)
+ Planet images (from NASA Voyager 2)
+ Satellite images by 2012 Google Maps, Europa Technologies, MapLink/Tele Atlas
+ Retina photography (C. Allison)
+ Electron microscopy of a leukocyte (J. Ehrman)
+ Microscopy of red blood cells (internet
+ Synthetic DNA model (adopted from

Enter the Maze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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