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Scary moment Burning bus !! Electric bus bursts in to flame.

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Publicado el 04/07/22 / En Noticias

Electrique bus Scary moment Burning bus !! CNG fuels spectacular bus bursts in to flame Spectacular prugia CNG bus bursts in to flame or CNG🔥🔥🔥إحتراق حافلة كهربائية un bus electrique pris fue en plein route ectric buses are one of the most effective Way to reduce urban pollution CO2 emission .but the safety is the highest priority .Electric bus battery catches fire 🔥or hybrid CNG vehicle ? The passengers safety it’s the most important issue , how would you handle situation like this?In the recent past, multiple #EVfire incidents have caught the country’s attention, repeatedly pointing to the poor quality of imported Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells as the most probable cause.
a circuit cut in the battery blocks of a hybrid bus caused the gas valves to burst and ended up burning the vehicle, fortunately there were no victims only that the fire spread rapidly in the surroundings of the area of ​​the fire that later the prugia fire services managed to control

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