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Silencio - Meditacion - Dadi Janki

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17 Nov 2020

⁣Dadi Janki is a yogi – one who seeks union with God. Her lifes work has
been to build within herself the experience of the Divine and to share
that experience with the world. Set in lyrical verse, Jankis timeless
words explain ways of responding to lifes challenges that help us to
find true happiness and fulfill our highest potential. In this inspiring
collection, framed by the stunning color images of French artist Marie
Binder, readers will discover that it is indeed possible to banish
sorrow from their lives. Chapters on Humility and Empowerment, Living
the Vision, God, The World, Meditation, The Art of Living and Angels,
provide readers with the tools they need to remove mental and emotional
obstacles to self-fulfillment. Dadi shows how, with Gods help, every one
of us can find our spiritual identity and make a very practical
contribution to a better life and a better world.

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