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Las enseñanzas de Don Juan, Radio teatro completo - Carlos Castaneda


22.03.2020 19:26
Manu RoBa

Las Enseñanzas de Don Juan: Una Forma Yaqui de Conocimiento, fue la tesis en Antropología de Carlos Castaneda. La obra se publicó en 1968 por la Universidad de California (University of California Press).

La obra teatral no se corrsponde exactamente con al libro. La veracidad de los hechos relatados es cuestionada.

Traducido del inglés por Juan Tovar. Actores: Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Juan Carlos Colombo, Oscar Jordi e Ignacio Guadalupe.

"If there were someone like Don Juan he would be enlightened, he would be like a Buddha or a Lao Tzu — but there is nobody like Don Juan. Carlos Castaneda's books are ninety-nine per cent fiction — beautiful, artful, but fiction. As there are scientific fictions, there are spiritual fictions also. . . . When I say fiction I don't mean don't read him, I mean read him more carefully, because one per cent of truth is there. You will have to read it very carefully, but don't swallow it completely because it is ninety-nine per cent fiction. . . .
On that one per cent of truth he has been able to create a big edifice. On that one per cent of truth he has been able to project much imagination. On that one iota of truth he has made the whole house, a beautiful palace — a fairy tale. But that one per cent of truth is there, otherwise it would have been impossible.
This man has come across some being who knows something, and then through drugs, LSD and others, he has projected that small truth into imaginary worlds." - Osho

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