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OVNI Triangular en Laredo - Laredo Triangle UFO

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Publicado el 02/05/22 / En Investigación

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⁣OVNI Triangular en Laredo - Laredo Triangle UFO

Laredo Paranormal: ⁣Our latest and most fascinating encounter came in October 23, 2011 while panning the night sky with our third generation night vision appeared an object over northeast Laredo. The craft was totally shrouded in infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye. Resembling a triangle and with spheres at each of its vortices, this ufo had no sound of any propulsion and silently cruised at approximate altitude of 1000 feet and traveling around 80mph in a southerly direction.

LPRS took the captured evidence a step further by using the professional experience of a videographer Jose Carlos Rodriguez, who currently works for the federal government. He managed to enhance the video using a software with different types of filters that brings out the actual solid structure of the object.

After examination of the newly enhanced video it appeared that the craft had an additional sphere and vertice hidden in its shrouded infrared cloak. Resembling a four sided pyramid with its apex pointing in the direction of its path. The captured phenomena proved that Laredo has its share of ufo activity in its own night sky. In addition there are no drones with those dimensions operating with Laredo Texas air space. CPB border patrol pilots, they can positively ascertain that there were no aerial drone assets dispatched to the Laredo sector area of operations during the time frame the video was recorded. No military drones have available to the area only CBP, which are totally different in size shape, and dimensions. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We appreciate everyone's point of view and feedback.


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