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Vuelo interno || Película completa + Subtitulos || Estas Tonne & Paganel Studios

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Juan Ruiz
Publicado el 12/04/22 / En Arte

⁣[Reenviado de Rusia en España]

⚡ Presidente Vladímir Putin: objetivos y motivos de la operación militar especial de 🇷🇺 en 🇺🇦

Puntos clave:

🔹 El objetivo principal es ayudar al pueblo de Donbass.

🔹 Las autoridades de Kiev, empujadas por Occidente, se negaron a cumplir con los Acuerdos de Minsk encaminados a una solución pacífica de los problemas de Donbass. Era imposible seguir aguantando este genocidio.

🔹 Ucrania es una herramienta [de Occidente] para conseguir los objetivos que no tienen nada que ver con los intereses del pueblo ucraniano.

🔹 [Las fuerzas antirrusas] empezaron a convertir a Ucrania en en un puesto de avanzada contra Rusia, empezaron a criar las semillas del nacionalismo y el neonazismo que estaban allí desde hace tiempo.

🔹 Era imposible evitar una confrontación con estas fuerzas, simplemente estaban buscando el momento para su ataque.

🔹 Las autoridades de Kiev causaron una situación de un callejón sin salida al no respetar las condiciones acordadas durante las negociaciones de paz en Estambul.

Pedro vers Pedrito ⁣https://www.eldiestro.es/2022/04/pedro-vs-pedrito/

The starting point of our joint work on the film "Internal Flight" with Paganel-Studio creative team almost coincided in time with the same name musical album released in 2013. Publication of this album became a powerful drive to continue, develop and strengthen the "experience of flight", which always brings some important changes to everybody’s life, by merging the musical theme with both extraordinarily picturesque video-shootings and a heartfelt poetic narration...In the course of a three year period, Paganel Studio production team had been visiting the most incredible, unique and authentic corners of our planet (Nepal, Peru, Antarctic, Bolivia, Brazil and many others), managing to reflect in their fullness the multicultural manifestations of Life on the Earth, as well as tremendous diversity of its landscapes. All the shootings for the film were carefully selected, compiled and laboriously unified into a coherent and completed picture.This entire visual splendour while slurring with a musical theme gives us a mighty impetus to dive into that inner space where boundaries are erased, but the infinite variety of life manifestations are coalesced somewhere deep inside of each of us… There is no longer place in that space for enslaving fears, those deeply-rooted beliefs...dogmas...ideals....standards, superstitions, that made all of us feel divided... it is that space where heart purifies…. opens ....loves…just loves ...and it is that space where a long-awaited meeting with the Self takes place... This is what the ongoing monologue is about: it tells about the long-lasting search for answers to our inner questions. Once we hear this voice inside, we start our way to ourselves. Sooner or later, each of us has to step on this path at a certain point in life.We created the movie "Internal Flight" in order to bring each spectator to this point, helping to feel, to open, to trust and, at last, to allow ourselves to be ....just be…. After all, what mostly matters is to not only see and hear the Truth, but also to live this Truth inside as individually as collectively….Blessings to all of us on this path of Life…Е.Т.Filmed & Edited: Paganel Studiohttp://www.paganel.tvAudio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios www.soundprostudios.com English text voice recording:Markus Bieder@tonladen Studio (Austria, 2016)Instrumental Version of "Internal Flight":Recorded, co-arranged, edited and polished: Eino Kolists & Ainārs Majors (Riga, Latvia, 2012) Mastering by Jānis Kalve at "Labo Ierakstu Studija"*****With great thanks to Wassa Paole, Paganel Studio team: Olga Andreeva, Andrey Andreev, Alexandr Zu, as well as to Leon Galperin, Peter Moore, Fiona Tiersen, Zola Dubnikova, Elena Tonne, aunt Inna, Margarita Osepyan, Danielle Leigh, Eino Kolists, Ainārs Majors, Jānis Kalve, Markus Biede, Giedrius Dagys and so many all over the world, visible and invisible! #estas_tonne #estastonne #internalflight #internalflightsoundtrack #internalflightthemovie

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Hukko 8 meses

No me funcionan los vídeos de YouTube, me dan error. Igualmente, muchas gracias.

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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 8 meses

De nada. Pronto se solucionará. Prueba de nuevo a ver

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