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Enya - Angeles

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Publicado el 04/05/23 / En Música

ANGELES - from the album Shepherd Moons.

Angels, answer me,
are you near if rain should fall?
Am I to believe
you will rise to calm the storm?
For so great a treasure words will never do.
Surely, if this is,
promises are mine to give you.
mine to give...

Here, all too soon the day!
Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.
I should know
heaven has her way
- each one given memories to own.

Angeles, all could be
should you move both earth and sea
Angeles, I could feel
all those dark clouds disappearing...

Even, as I breathe
comes an angel to their keep.
Surely, if this is
promises are mine to give you.
mine to give...

Angels, always be near us
May you watch over us
Each day of our lives
To be with us always
Hold us near to you
You are our guides, keep us
Safe in this world
Today, tomorrow and always.

Alpha and Omega -
the first and the last
the beginning and the end.

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