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SIMPATÍA / The Pilgrim - Walking Into The Forest (2019)

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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz
14 Feb 2021

⁣"El hecho de que las esferas cósmicas lleguen hasta nosotros y los demás animales mortales, se ha de recordar que se debe a la simpatía del universo. Y hemos de demostrar a su vez que esta se debe al hecho que el Todo es un ser animado. Pues si es una sola alma la que sostiene la coherencia del universo entero, es de todo punto necesario que haya una simpatía mutua entre sus partes". SIMPATÍA

The Pilgrim - Walking Into The Forest (New Full Album) FINALLY WE ARE READY TO ANNOUNCE THE NEW ALBUM!!! * THE PILGRIM - ...From The Earth To The Sky And Back *ALBUM PRESALE: DATE: October 2nd, 2020LISTEN TO THE FIRST SINGLE "Mexico '84" in exclusive on Shindig! Magazine... the latest!: Pilgrim is the latest solo project of Gabriele Fiori, frontman of Rome-based outfits Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie. The end result on Walking into the Forest is a space-folk release with a personality unto itself. Songs like opener “Peace of Mind” evoke some of Fiori’s more rocking side, while “Sunset in the Desert” feels like an ode to the acoustic album Kyuss never made, and side B, which starts with the Hawkwind cover “Brainstorm” and ends with the moody strum of “Suite #2” -- originally from Void Generator’s 2004 debut EP; when Fiori was in the band -- hones a cosmic drift and textures that nonetheless remain accessible and organic thanks to their acoustic foundation.“The main point in common with Black Rainbows is the diversity of the songs,” Fiori explains. “You have mind-dreams like ‘Dragonfly’ or ‘Sailor,’ or the more folk rock ‘Peace of Mind,’ passing through space with ‘The Time You Wait’ and the melodic-melancholic ‘When I Call Your Name.’” In completing the arrangements, Fiori turned to Black Rainbows drummer Filippo Ragazzoni, and as he says, “Songs came out so spontaneously and easy. I always played acoustic guitar and wanted to push further on this path. The songwriting, rehearsing and recording approach was so different from usual Rainbows or Boogie style, both to me and Filippo for drums, because all the instruments needed to be played smoothly, softly.”The fantastic and dreamy artwork has been accomplished by Marteen Donders The recordings has been realized in Rome at Nero Studio on a fantastic 70's SSL mixing console during the fall 2018 The Mix and the mastering been doon at JD Studio by Pino Santamaria, same engineer who mixed several Black Rainbows albums. With Walking into the Forest, Fiori evokes a sound that is both classic and fresh, melodically rich and creatively constructed. It is a new outlet for Fiori that demands spiritual as well as auditory engagement, and an all-things-permissible sonic context that one can only hope The Pilgrim continues to explore. Peace of Mind - 0:002. Time You Wait, The - 4:003. Sailor - 8:444. Dragonfly - 13:315. Sunset in the Desert - 18:256. Brainstorm - 19:507. Pendulum - 22:508. When I Call Your Name - 26:339. Secrets - 30:0210. Suite No. 2 - 34:37Support The Pilgrim by purchasing the album here the continued funding of this channel, become a Patreon out Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 for more excellent full albums!

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