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The Chant Of Metta by Imee Ooi, Pali + English Lyrics, Buddha Healing Prayers, Buddhist Song

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Publicado el 05/03/24 / En Música

3 HOURS The Chant Of Metta by Imee Ooi, with Pali + English Translation Lyrics, BEST for meditation & sleeping!
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Song: The Chant Of Metta © Harvest Intl. Media Co. Ltd.
Singer: Imee Ooi
Animation: Zen Moon

Metta in Pali means loving-kindness. Metta chanting is the radiation of loving and kindness towards all beings: May they all be happy and peaceful. The angelic voice of Imee Ooi chants in Pali beautifully. Metta chanting is soothing, uplifting, joyful and a great healing for the world - pervading it with waves of love.

May this video bring you all the happiness!
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Best Buddha meditation music for Buddhist.
Buddhist meditation music, Buddhism relaxing music.
Buddha music background, Buddha background music for meditation & relaxation. Buddha healing music for Buddhist.
The Chant of Metta 慈经 (1999) by Imee Ooi 黄慧音 original Version, this is very easy listening Buddha Meditation Music. Imee Ooi - The Chant of Metta with Pali Text, Pronunciation and English Text Translation, used as Buddha healing music for Buddhist.
The Chant of Metta (Loving Kindness) - Full Version.
黃慧音 - 慈经、心经、弥勒佛心咒 Imee Ooi - Chant of Metta, Heart Sutra & Maitreya Buddha Mantra original extended version.
Buddhist Meditation Song, Buddha Meditation Music for Buddhist.
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