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Nicola Sedda - The Call

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Publicado el 13/03/23 / En Música

The Call, the first track from Nicola's EP BACK TO THE STARS, is an emotional and intimate duet between Nicola's sole voice and the Sea. Few words from Nicola about this track:

“This one is for me. For me only. I owed it to myself and my land. After many years away I decided to open this new chapter as genuine and honest as possible. Just my voice and the beautiful sounds of my land. Most people won’t understand, most people measure an artist from the perfection of the voice, vocal range and other bullsh*t. I never cared less, the call is for me, the call to the place where I belong, where I learned how to express myself as an artist, and most of all, where I grew up as a person. The call to the place where my voice has been shaped and where it resounds the best because it knows this air, it knows how to move among the waves. I would like to thank Giovanni and Valentina for helping me record this track on the beach on the southern coast of Sardinia, in the cold, under the winter moon, supporting my madness Ahah. I thank my sound engineer Ignazio for understanding my madness and keeping my vocal track untouched as originally recorded, no matter the imperfections. And thanks to those who will understand.”

Recorded on the southern coast of Sardinia during the night of Nov. the 6th, 2019. Originally recorded as a tribute to his homeland, this vocal improvisation opens the BACK TO THE STARS EP and will be available on all digital stores without the last few notes (Ultrasounds up to F#10). Also, this video clip does not include the notes sung by Nicola at the extremes of his vocal range.

Nicola’s incredible vocal abilities still challenge modern technology and digital format trends. The Original Ultrasonic Vocals will be available only as High-Quality download (WAV) on the store of Nicola's official website, due to the impossibility of CD format, MP3 and common downloadable formats to reproduce the extremes of his vocal range.


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Amazon - https://amzn.to/2RE2DGM
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Official Site - https://www.nicolasedda.com
Contact the shop at - shop@nicolasedda.com


Official Site - https://www.nicolasedda.com
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