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The Spanish Deep-State

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Publicado el 24 May 2022 / En Investigación

⁣⁣The so called Expediente Royuela, the Royuela file, is a enourous amount of information,
mostly writen notes, between hign level politicians, judges, criminals, and law enforcement members,
that configure
a criminal organization and sustains itself, through hitcontracts, drug money, money landring, spying,
crime covering,
influence peeding, riged sentences...

- The writing notes have been intercepted by a net of informers, people in different fields of the society,
that per chance or position, have been able to provide this information. People who may or may not, be patriots,
but at the end, did feel the need to expose this criminal organization.

- Alberto Royuela, the father of the family, has been able to gather and store all the data, for more
than 20 years.

- The written notes have been copied and transcribed, and more that 200 lawsuits have been filed

- The written notes are proofs to be dismissed or confirmed in a cour of law by graphologists,
but they are not been processed.

- The Royuela family shows proof of more than 1700 killing in spanish soile.

- One of the main differences between the government's secret operations, and the Royuela file,
is that the targets here,
are not always criminals or terrorists, but civilians as well.
People who have not complied with the requirments of the spanish deep state, people who were fighting for
freedom and truth,
their families and friends,
or people who just happend to be in the wrong place at wrong time.

- Besides the criminal activity that enriches and protects the organization, missions are "requested"
by at least one foreign structure,
mostly, the Masonic Logia of Miami.

- The Royuela family has been calling out the criminal organization, suffered retaliations, a family
member , Javier Royuela Samit was killed,
Alberto spent about 18 monts in prison, and Santiago spent ten years.

- Since 2019, Santiago has been publishing the information, the writen notes and the lawsuits filed,
no judge has been brave enough to conduct trials, the lawsuits have been archived.

- The only brave judge that has been helping the cause has suffered a forced exile from his position,
the judge Fernando Presencia.

- The royuela family has been defying authorities, but never been prosecuted for their claims.

- If Santiago and Alberto are lying, if the proofs are fake, how is it that none of the accused are
suiting them back?
What would happen if you were innocent and somebody would make fals claims againt you ?
would nt you suit them back and called them out?

- The information is spreading everywere, it is impossible to stop, that is why the damage control
policy has been to blame the Pegasus software filtrations.

- Some names that appear in the large ammount of notes, are the former president of Spain,
José-Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the current defense minister, Margarita Robles,
the chief Prosecutor, Dolores Delgado, formers Prosecutor Carlos Jiménez Villarejo
and the chief of the high court of justice of Cataluña, José María Mena Álvarez...

- Now the story has taken an imprecedent turn, just a few days ago, Santiago has published
what is suppose to be,
the tombs of more that 40 people killed by the organization, and he is claming the the bodies
are buried in the warehouse
land, address Calle del Trueno nº 70, Leganés.

- Some people have alreaydy set camp in front of the warehouse, to make sure the bodies
are not moved out so no more covering should happen.

- May 19, 2022, Pedro Rossillo, youtube channel "El Arconte", went with his friend Carlos,
to the police station of Leganés, with the intention to present the proofs of
the Calle del Trueno nº 70, Leganés tombs, he is then beein tolled that there were no need for a new statement,
as they were aware of it already.

As he insisted to make his own statemant, a police officer told him :

If you are recoding with your phone, I would throw it out of the window,
and I ll throw you out of the window as well.

Pedro called out this threat to another 5 or 6 police officers who were just there,
but they said that their collegue talked about his phone, and did not t

Pedro wanted to make present a complaining against the police officer,
but then, the rest of the police officer started to put on their gloves, as they surounded both Pedro
and his friend Carlos.

At this point, knowing that the spanish police has the presuntion of truth,
they could have beating up and being accused of starting a fight wihtin the police station.

Funy enough, we have recently knew, that the police station received a suprise visit just a
day or so before that,
The current, home office minister: Fernando Grande-Marlaska.


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