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Mushina & Gustavito - Maha Tupã (Full EP)

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Publicado el 10/10/22 / En Noticias


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01 - Tupã
02 - Amor de Tupinambá
03 - Anahata Maha Chakra

Maha Tupã is the deep rooted offering of Brazilian artist Gustavito and Portuguese ecstatic dance maestro and impeccable producer Mushina. The combination of medicine music vibes brought by Gustavito and the finely polished and intentional production of Mushina has resulted in a finely crafted EP to get your body moving and your heart open. Gustavito’s guitar and voice intend to enliven the powers of the sacred plants and the universal spiritual energy that they offer us. Mushina, who has been forging a potent path of dance medicine in Portugal through his events and DJing, brings the ecstatic groove to expand these sacred messages into the dance space. The EP includes three tracks, each with their own message:

Tupã - Prays for all the native entities of the native people of the forest.

Amor de Tupinambá - A poem for the connection with the invisible within the Brazilian spiritual traditions and the admiration for the ancestral wisdom, found in the entities that guide the inner personal connection.

Anahata Maha Chakra - The heart chakra chant is unprecedented and presents itself as a message for the healing of all relationships globally, expanding the intention of the rhythm that not only entertains but also heals.

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