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Attack on Titan Season 4 Soundtrack | 1 HOUR EPIC & EMOTIONAL OST MIX (HQ Fan-Made)

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Publicado el 12/03/22 / En Música

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Attack on Titan Themes by Hiroyuki Sawano x KOHTA YAMAMOTO
Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

#AttackonTitanFinalSeason #ShingekinoKyojin #進撃の巨人
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0:00 Ashes on The Fire
5:27 Warhammer Titan Theme
10:06 Eren vs Jaw Titan Nutcracker Theme
12:12 Devils of Paradis vs Marley Battle Theme
15:38 The Cost of Freedom (0sk x Ashes on The Fire)
21:14 Mikasa vs Warhammer Titan Theme
23:32 Armin Transformation x Pieck Squad Death Theme
25:52 Levi vs Zeke Theme (APETITAN x K21)
28:37 Eren and Yeagerist Epic Theme
35:25 E.M.A x Attack on Titan
38:10 Eren Yeager Escape Theme
41:20 Zeke Yeager Theme
47:20 Nicollo's Revenge for Sasha Theme
51:05 Sasha's Death Theme x Counter Attack-mankind
55:56 Call of Silence (Eye-Water)
58:37 Call Your Name x Call of Silence
1:03:15 T-KT (ThanksAT) x ShingekiNoGyojin
1:07:30 Vogel im Kafig (THE RUMBLING)
1:12:17 YOUSEEBIGGIRL (This is Freedom)

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