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[1 Hour] 💕 Red Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tam Soha Mantra | True Love Manifesting Mantra 💕

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Red Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tam Soha Mantra | True Love Manifesting Mantra
Who is Red Tara?
In Buddhism, Red Tara is an aspect of Tara, who is associated with magnetizing all good things and is considered the heart of Tara herself.
The origin of Kurukulle is Amitabha, the principal Buddha in Pure Land Buddhism. Also, a deity exists in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra who is usually invoked in works of subjugation, magnetizing, and enchantment of people. Her name is Kurukulla.
Kurukulla is also popular with those who are seeking a job as the Goddess can make you stand out during an interview process and create the perfect conditions wherein you are likely to get promoted or hired.
The sometimes fierce aspect of Goddess Tara – Red Tara – steps down to Earth to be a service to mankind. The power of Kurukulle is glorious. She is a magnificent Bodhisattva that transcends the world.
Kurukulle is depicted standing on a moon disc atop Mahesvara and Mahesvara’s consort. The Goddess is surrounded by a halo and has 4 arms. Her 1st right hand holds an arrow made of utpala (blue lotus) flowers and the 2nd right hand holds a hook made from the stem of utpala. Her 1st left hand holds an utpala-stemmed bow with the 2nd left hand holding an utpala-stemmed lasso.
Red Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tam Soha Mantra | True Love Manifesting Mantra mantra in this video
There are two popular Red Tara Mantras
Om Tare Tam Svaha
Om Kurukulle (Hrih) svaha
Om Kurukulla (Hrih) svaha
Chanting this powerful mantra has many benefits. The Goddess brings love and marital happiness to those who recite the mantra.
Furthermore, individuals having problems finding love, or those in relationship problems with their spouses can turn to Kurukulla for help.
She can help you to magnetize your partner’s affections and attention by removing any emotional and karmic blocks that are within you and are preventing these from coming in your direction.
Additionally, reciting this mantra daily with sincere devotion makes you enthralling in the eyes of others and smoothens your relationships with everyone dear to you in your present life.
Let enjoy Red Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tam Soha Mantra | True Love Manifesting Mantra .
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