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Series "Order" - Episode 02

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Publicado el 27/05/20 / En Arte

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Series : "Order" - Chapter 1 - Episode 3

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** How to Start ? **
"Order" is a series in Three Chapters.
This video is be part of the Artistic Project "CanHumanityChange?"
It is one of the Voyage of Kin Le Voyageur.

The first Chapter is "Question It"

Episode 1: Thought
Episode 2: Confusion
Episode 3: Habits
Episode 4: Conclusion
Episode 5: Opinion

The second Chapter is "Limitations".
The last one is "Simplicity".

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** What is Voyage Weekly Video (VWV)? **

The idea is to offer the Voyage of Kin Le Voyageur in video format with music, subtitles and voices, to make them more lively and warm.

These videos are connected to the digital magazine “VoyageVoyage”.
VWV will be published once a week and will be used to launch the “Start Here” project.

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Simply by subscribing to the newsletter to receive the digital pdf magazine “VoyageVoyage”, containing the 3 comic book format episodes with the original text. (English, French, Castellano)

Go to my website and Receive "VoyageVoyage", the digital pdf magazine of Kin Le Voyageur.

Chapter 1 of 3:"Question it" - Episode 1: Thought.
Technics: Mix Media - Type:Video - Kind: Explanatory Voyage

All-Concept/Universe/Character: Le Voyageur Kin
Voice: EIA-KLV
Music: Bensound "Deepblue" - GIB "ERPLJ"

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