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Guru Padmasambhava - “Return of the Lotus-Born Master” Decrypting the Dakini Code / Part-2

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New Course Series + New Book
The Lotus-Born Master
Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy DECODED
Ancient Science Backed By Modern Day Research
“Return of the Lotus-Born Master” Decrypting the Dakini Code

Directed by Laurence Brahm

Imagine secret teachings that can only be downloaded from parallel universes by prophets with the help of divine consorts. These teachings can help future generations at a time when our planet is suffering from self-destruction due to shortsighted greed and aggression.

In his 2019 documentary film, “Return Lotus-Born Master,” director Laurence Brahm leads an expedition team into the “hidden realms” of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, searching for secret teachings concealed by the Lotus-Born Master during the Eighth Century.

These “hidden realms” are portals to parallel universes where the teachings of the Lotus-Born Master are concealed in the hologram of our universal subconscious. These teachings can lead us to a future of peace, harmony and mutual respect called Shambhala.

Shrouded in myth and mystery, the Lotus-Born Master, is recognized as the founder of Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism. “Return of the Lotus-Born Master” filmed in 2019, is a sequel to the international award winning documentary film “Searching for the Lotus-Born Master” directed by Laurence Brahm in 2018.

In “Searching the Lotus-Born Master,” documentary film director Laurence Brahm beckoned to ask: was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism also the father of quantum physics? Now in the sequel, “Return of the Lotus-Born Master” he proves it.

“Return of the Lotus-Born Master,” produced by William Lou and Laurence Brahm, presents amazing previously unseen cinematography of Bhutan and explores previously un-filmed locations in the this Himalayan kingdom.

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