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Mesa de vino de canal sinuoso

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Eterno Viajero
Publicado el 07/11/21 / En Arte

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Yes, that’s the wine table of winding canal flashing across the end of the last video!
Haven’t ever thought I’d make a table out of a bed!
I was binge-watching when I spotted such a table in a scene, and then made an improved version on my own.
It was hard work but ended up perfect!
As it turns out, there’s plenty to learn if you watch TV with your elderlies at home.

【李子柒 Liziqi 】 https://goo.gl/nkjpSx
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#李子柒 #liziqi

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florahimsa 2 años

Gracias Octavi, muy Hiperbóreo...

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Eterno Viajero
Eterno Viajero 2 años

Cuando descubrí esta chica pensé lo mismo, Hiperbórea. Lo que hace inspira donde se ve que lo saca desde el corazón. Saludos

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