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Ecuador se hunde! Severas inundaciones en Guayaquil por ciclón Yacu

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Publicado el 15/03/23 / En Noticias

Cyclone "Yaku" from Peru influences heavy rains in Ecuador that leave floods.
Intense rains registered in Guayaquil on the afternoon of this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, have caused serious flooding in several cities.
According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), the heavy rains on the central and southern coast of the country are due to the influence of cyclone 'Yaku' that is located off the coast of Peru.
A strong and prolonged rain accompanied by an electrical storm, which began at five in the afternoon on Wednesday, and lasted until late at night, flooded dozens of sectors of the city of Guayaquil.
The arrival of the precipitation, which coincided with the time when most citizens finish their workday and go home, made mobility too complicated, both vehicular and pedestrian.
At approximately seven o'clock at night, the Guayaquil Citizen Security Corporation reported that there were more than twenty sectors with accumulation of water due to heavy rain.
Apart from vehicles, commercial establishments and homes located in areas where there was a greater accumulation of water, they also added damage, especially due to the infiltration of water into interior spaces.
In Mucho Lote 1, located in the north of Guayaquil, videos that went viral on social networks captured the increase and overflow of channels due to the intense and continuous rain.
At least 10 trees fell during the storm that Guayaquil endured, the night and the early morning of this Thursday.
According to the Municipality, the rain, the most intense of the current winter, coincided with the high tide level, which aggravated the effects of the floods.

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