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Shiva - Spiritual Soothing Ambient Music - Healing Meditation Sleep Music

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Publicado el 16/10/23 / En Música

A calm and relaxing composition that combines a warm and meditative soundscape, nature sounds, soft acoustic melodies and bansuri flute phrases that add some ethnic notes.

A few words from the author: Hello everyone, I'm Eternal Depth! I compose ambient music in its various manifestations. On this channel you will find such moods of ambient music as soothing ambient music, space ambient music, relaxing ambient music, meditative ambient music, fantasy ambient music, ethereal ambient music, healing ambient music, sleep ambient music. Sometimes in my tracks I use the rain ambience, nature ambience and even vocals. Most often my compositions is used as ambient music for sleep, ambient music for relaxation, ambient music for reading, ambient music for studying and ambient music for work. I hope that on my channel you will find what you like:)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fludjy
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/eternaldepth


I am very grateful to you for listening to my music, as well as for your likes 👍, comments ✏️and subscribing!🔔

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Reproducción Automática