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Lemon And Soul - Cristo Redentor

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Publicado el 22/01/23 / En Música

Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/galim

Galim in Hebrew means - Waves. which is a beautiful form to express Music

You will find them in the harmony progressions of our melodies.
You will find them in each and every sound produced, played or heard
you will find them within yourself and your emotions while Music is playing.
You will find them within yourself while playing your own music.
You will find them within your body while dancing.

We all ride waves,
we all wait for them to come up,
We all fear as they about to break,
We all enjoy a calm sea when the waves have disappeared,
We all have peaks, we all have downfalls, we all relax gently.
We are all part of a wave these days. just riding it for a short time, splashing into our graves, and hopping to the next one with our swimming suits and naked bodies

It is a beautiful ride.

Through this album you will find 8 waves I've tried to seperate through tracks.
Each wave starts calmly, rises up to its highest peak, and splashes back into the gentle sea.
The whole album is 1 hour long and it has been created with the intention to be heard from start to finish as a one journey, one wave.
Each track is harmonized with the tracks around him resulting in a smooth deep dive into the melodies.

Through this album I've had the honor and privilege to play and co-create with the most amazing of artists, lucky me, they are also my family and friends.

Lemon And Soul

Mix, Sound Design, Recording and Inspiration: Ron Abulafia @ Silverback Studios https://www.facebook.com/SilverbackMusicStudio/
Main Vocals (Cristo Redentor, Into the Deep blue, Agatha, Seagulls, Memories) And Sister: Gil Hadash
Vocals (Cristo Redentor): Shiri Shahar
Vocals (Into the Deep blue, Seagulls): Noam Chadash
Composition and Vocals (Gayatri Mantra): Or Mahapatra
Vocals (Agatha): Teresa Gabrial, Kula Rit'mundo
Vocals and Poetry (Agatha): Tasha - Take care
Vocals (Memories): Yuval Frank
Trumpets: Itamar Ben Yakir
Keys And Synths: Noam Chadash
Painting and Inspiration: Galina Zhukrina - Girl, Sea and Mystery part II
Graphic Design: Litel Shine
Ocean recording: Chris Crosby
Mastering: Anti logic mastering
Motivation: Mose
Released with: Resueno
Love, Inspiration, Patience and beauty : Shany Rimon and Gal Rimon Chadash Resueño
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/resuenomusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resuenomusic
Bandcamp: https://resueno.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/....v1kc4ch6ifi0lp6uc8lh

Resueño is the union between two Spanish words:
Resueno = I resonate
Sueño = Dream

We are here to unite. The intention of Resueño is to bring artists together to create something which alone would not be possible. Together we can take the listener on a deep journey to find balance and peace within. We are here to blur the boundary between the dance floor and the chill out sound journey space. To find a middle path where all is in balance and the cosmic harmony flows through.

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