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Dakhóta Romero "La Llorona"

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Eterno Viajero
Eterno Viajero
25 Sep 2020

La Llorona by Dakhóta Romero is now available on iTunes, Spotify, & other leading online music stores!

Connect with Dakhóta at: @dakhotaromero

"La Llorona" premiers on a day which those who have passed are remembered and honored. Dakhóta recorded her contemporary version of this classic song, and dedicated her performance to her late Grandmother Rita Rogers, aka Ida Mae Aragon. The music video was inspired by and commemorates Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Encouraged and taught by her grandmother, Dakhóta learned how to sing in this style through a song Miss Rogers wrote. Dakhóta is a lifelong performer with world experience, beginning her music career in her early years of life, under the wing of her father, Native Rock recording artist, Robby Romero. Classically trained, and with a degree in music, her greatest inspirations have come from singing around the world, and the musicians she has met and performed with along the way, from Buffy Sainte-Marie to Carlos Santana. With both Indigenous and Hispanic roots, she has captured the soul of her multicultural background, and continues turning heads with her sophisticated touch to pop music.

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