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Episode 02 - On The Route To Joy - Comfort

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Publicado el 27/05/20 / En Arte

Series: "On The Route To Joy" - Episode 1 - Chapter 1 - Episode 1

** How to Start ? **
"On The Route To Joy" is a series in Three Chapters.
This video is be part of the Artistic Project "CanHumanityChange?"
It is one of the Voyage of Kin Le Voyageur.

The first Chapter is "Comfortable"

Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: Fear
Episode 3: Play

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'voyagevoyage' a mixed media digital magazine by KinLeVoyageur
English, French, Spanish

Concept: 'voyagevoyage' #05
Series: On the Route To Joy
Episode 1: 'Introduction'

All-Concept/Universe/Character: Kin Le Voyageur
Voice: EIA-KLV
Music: "En route pour la joie"" by - GIB "ERPLJ"

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