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Tourism: They love 8 inch Chocolate Bars.

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Welcome to the Dominican Republic. This beach is specially appreciated by women from Europe, America and Canada, looking for love. Here, everything seems possible...

Tourism in the Dominican Republic: A Paradise for Women Seeking Love and the Complexities of Relationships with Sanky-Pankys

0:00 🏖️ The Dominican Republic is a paradise for women looking for love, where societal barriers are nonexistent and sanky-panky gigolos are on the prowl.
4:20 😮 Women in Boca Chica fall for the charms of sanky-pankys, young men who seduce them for money and gifts.
9:14 🌴 Edison's life of poverty in Santo Domingo changes when he meets Giovanna, an Italian lawyer, who pays for everything.
13:43 💃 A group of sanky-pankys in the Dominican Republic engage in relationships with tourists for financial gain.
18:43 😮 Jesus earns money from multiple women to build his house, while Giovanna tries to get a visa for Edison.
22:31 😔 Giovanna's attempts to get an appointment at the embassy to take her boyfriend to Italy are unsuccessful.
27:16 😢 Giovanna is feeling sad about not being able to see him again and is determined to help him become independent.

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