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Italian TV MOCKS Joe Biden In ‘Hilarious’ Sketch Of President’s On-Stage Gaffes

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Publicado el 01/03/24 / En Humor

In a recent viral skit from an Italian TV show, the cognitive abilities of President Joe Biden were put under the spotlight once again. The comedic interpretation of Biden struggling on stage outside the White House has sparked a debate on social media about his mental state and ability to lead the country.

This is not the first time Biden has been mocked for his public blunders, with critics pointing out his tendency to lose his train of thought, mumble over words, and get lost on stage.

The clip, which was circulated on social media, shows a fake President Biden struggling to find the podium, forgetting world leaders' names, and accidentally pressing a red button. The European branch of Warner Bros. Discovery aired the skit, adding to the growing criticism of Biden's performance on the world stage.

This comes at a crucial time as the 2024 presidential campaign looms, with a potential rematch between Biden and Donald Trump on the horizon.

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